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PROMIXCO GROUP had its humble beginning in 2000 with a start-up that was engaged in the trading business. The size, span, and activities were very limited. Over the years by dint of sheer hard work, commitment, and integrity towards contractual obligations, we have been able to create a niche market for our diverse business interests.

The PROMIXCO has become a conglomerate now. The span of business of the Group encompasses multifarious manufacturing, construction, trading, export, and import activities. It predominately focused on manufacturing medical devices and a wide array of specialized furniture for medical use including office and home decor. PROMIXCO Group has now 16 companies concentrated on healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, electronics, Agro-business, veterinary, fashion, and media. The Group is now a dominant player in the virgin field of medical device manufacturing in Bangladesh. PROMIXCO could boast of having a company – LD Veterinary Hospital which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and exclusively caters to the medical care of animals that are now considered as companions. The PROMIXCO Group has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in all its concerns. 

The PROMIXCO Group of companies through its quality products and unparalleled services has been able to establish itself as a brand that is recognized and well-known at home and abroad. The plant and factories of the aforesaid companies are of international standard and repute. Due to consistent striving for excellence in products and services, the companies of the group have been able to obtain and secure FDA, CE, ISO, FSC, BCSIR, DGDA, and GMP certifications. 

As a leading conglomerate having over several BDT billion yearly turnover, it has been continually expanding its footprint in ever-increasing jurisdictions. It has now strategic partners and distribution networks in 60 countries for over 1000 products, and further spreading every year passes by. It has now an overseas office in the USA through which it oversees and looks after business in Pan America. This demonstrates the strength of the Group in business acumen and expertise.  

PROMIXCO puts maximum emphasis on creativity and innovation. Accordingly, it has signed numerous memorandums of understanding with leading educational and research institutions at home and abroad. It has been actively engaged in research activities to provide quality goods and services to end users at affordable cost. As a leading group of companies in Bangladesh, PROMIXCO in harmony with the policy of the government to be a self-reliant nation devoted itself to manufacturing import substitution products and equipment thereby reducing the costs of products and services and saving precious foreign currency. The Group as a good corporate citizen always adheres to local and international standards in ensuring environmental sustainability and is mindful of rights and duties towards stakeholders.  


Elevating standards with top-tier products and services—universally embraced and accessible. Setting the benchmark for excellence in affordability.


Striving to be the forefront authority in global healthcare solutions – setting new standards in products and services.


Striving for continuous improvement in product quality and innovation through better services.


Designing, developing, and marketing proprietary products and services employing, exploiting, and harnessing advanced and state-of-the-art technological solutions.


  • Innovating, manufacturing, and delivering reliable products and services at affordable cost. 
  • Utilizing the local resources to manufacture essential products through improved means and technology. 
  • Developing the appropriate knowledge and skills to cater to the demands of the 21st century for public wellbeing.  
  • Endeavoring to manufacture products of international standard for domestic use and global market.
  • Establishing cooperation and rapport with global research institutions and think tanks for innovation and quality improvement of products and services.


PROMIXCO started the journey 24 years ago. We have expanded our range of activities in the medical sector over the years, the manufacture of Medical Furniture being the latest. This unique initiative made us the pioneer and prime mover in this virgin field. Import substitute products from PROMIXCO are contributing to our national savings. At the same time we are catering to the requirements of the domestic market. We have also started exporting our products, thereby contributing to our national income in foreign exchange.


In 1985, WinShape Camps launched life-changing summers with our very overnight camp.


That early experience set the stage for how we do camps today creating fun and faithful places.

Timeline of PROMIXCO


PROMIXCO Limited commenced business. It will grow over time into the PROMIXCO Group


Most businesses involved Trading and supplying against Government tenders


Initiated Research and Development to explore how imported products could be locally manufactured.


Began assembling selected products with PKD components sourced from the market.


Commenced toll manufacturing in Bangladesh and China


The Managing Director of PROMIXCO accompanied the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh to the 4th United Nations Conference in Turkey on Least Developed Countries.


Participate in Global Exhibition Thailand, Singapore and Germany


Established PROMIXCO Industrial Park in Gazipur, and started manufacturing selected products in its own plant.


Bangladesh Bank adopted a policy to reserve 15% of SME loans for women entrepreneurs. The Chairperson of PROMIXCO was a driving force for taking this policy through.


Started manufacturing Hospital Furniture and Medical Equipment


PROMIXCO obtained ISO certification.


PROMIXCO received CE certification.


PROMIXCO entered into a collaboration agreement with Cornell University for conducting research on overcoming antibiotic resistance, and other emergent issues.


PROMIXCO provided protective material and equipment to the National Parliament, and the Offices of the President and the Prime Minister during the COVID-19 pandemic. PROMIXCO deployed its own personnel to facilitate the distribution of these products.


The National Industrial Policy of 2022 included, for the first time, the Medical Equipment and Device Industrial Sector, and recognized it as a Priority Sector. This was the culmination of a long and tireless campaign by the Chairperson of PROMIXCO.


The Medical Equipment and Devices Manufacturers and Exporters of Bangladesh (MEDMEB) was formed. PROMIXCO was the principal promoter of this association, which now has 46 members.


Expanded and diversified into electronic media communication (DNN) and Light engineering.

Mousumi Islam


With a modest beginning in the trade and business in 2000, PROMIXCO has transformed itself into a conglomerate boasting 14 companies within its fold over time. These companies are now engaged in diverse areas of business, commerce, and industries. PROMIXCO has been consistently striving hard to become the market leader in hospital furniture, medical devices, pharmaceutical, agro-business, veterinary, fashion, furniture, engineering, and media industries. Indeed, in some of the areas, it acted as the pioneer and prime mover and is recognized as the leading brand. It excelled in quality, services, and commitment towards the stakeholders, and obtained and secured ISO, CE, and FDA certifications for its concerns. It tirelessly strived to equip a new breed of entrepreneurs in the import substitution medical equipment and devices sector. It played catalytic roles and worked with the government in recognizing and including medical device manufacturing in the National Industrial Policy 2022.  

PROMIXCO is dedicated to delivering innovative and cutting-edge medical devices that revolutionize the healthcare industry. It exercises the best endeavor to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of life across the globe in general and Bangladesh in particular. 

I express my immense gratitude and heartfelt indebtedness to all the employees, government, bankers, and all other stockholders who have consistently been my source of encouragement and power throughout the long journey of PROMIXCO in becoming a trusted Group of Companies.

Samanta Islam

Managing Director

A new era means new responsibilities, new possibilities, and new turning points. With the passage of just over two decades, PROMIXCO has turned out to be a leader in the domestic market and a modest player in the international sphere. The success story is the result of unparalleled and painstaking efforts from our visionary Chairperson, and numerous employees of the company who dedicated and invested their time and energy to grow the company to the towering heights. I strongly believe it is high time we take new steps to expand the horizons of our footprints into the wider marketplace overseas. These dreams could be a reality by harnessing and exploiting new technologies in manufacturing and distributing quality products at competitive prices. We at PROMIXCO will contribute and help make Bangladesh a smarter and prouder self-reliant economy in the comity of nations.

Meet Our Team

MD. Ahmed Ali

Special Assistant to MD

Dr. Sharmeen Ahmed


Mohammad Abdul Hannan Zoarder

Financial Advisor

SM Shamim-UZ-Zaman


MD. Rafiqul Islam


MD Didarul Islam


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